RDU Airport Observation Park

Friday, August 7, 2015

We spent some of our morning at the Raleigh Durham Airport so that we could see some airplanes.  They have a little park (a sand pit and climbing structure) as well as an outdoor observation deck where you can see the runway and watch planes take off and land. So cool! Harrison loved it! 

Then we noticed signs saying that there is another observation deck inside the general aviation building.  I looked it up online to make sure it was open to the public, and it is! It is a building separate from the main airport, with a cafe and two levels with big windows and a balcony where you can see a bunch of private planes getting prepped.  The fancy people who fly in these planes go through this building to get to their airplane.  It was so cool being so close to them! 

So many squeezes. It is hard to tell if he is trying to be sweet or trying to hurt. Maybe both. This one looks tender, but 2 seconds after this he was smothering Porter with 'love'. :)

Toddler Independence

Thursday, August 6, 2015

When your toddler insists on wearing two different shoes and his fire hat as you run errands, you just have to let him. 

Harrison's Hearing Test

Wednesday, August 5, 2015

^^This last photo is from my phone inside the testing soundproof booth. I felt like it would be weird to pull out my camera in there.  Though I do often make a fool of myself taking photos in weird situations, like the waiting room above! :)

We never had Harrison's hearing tested before or after his tubes were placed, which is apparently something you are supposed to do.  Our pediatrician noticed that Harrison MIGHT have some speech delays (???) and suggested we get a hearing test and then after those results come back, a speech evaluation.  I personally can understand 99% of what he says, but I'm his mom.  His friends and their moms don't seem to have trouble understanding him. But somehow, everytime we go to the doctor, he starts blabbing and being more incoherent than seems normal.  I feel like it's bogus, but whatever. Doctor's orders. 

His hearing is perfect.  Guess we will see what the speech evaluation shows!

Bare Bums and Popsicles

Monday, August 3, 2015

We are staying inside a lot this week, because both boys are sick with bad colds and we are attempting to potty train Harrison.  Which means, not very many adventures and we are all a little stir crazy.  Sometimes you just need to send your toddler outside to sit on his bike and eat a popsicle without any pants on so that you can get a break. 
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