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Wednesday, October 22, 2014

See - Chatting with Dad

We call Jesse at least once a day to chat. Harrison has gotten really good at blabbing on and on with him. Today we were video chatting, but Harrison grabbed the phone and ran off to talk like he normally does, so Jesse had to talk to him while staring at Harrison's ear. 

See - Maybe He's a Little Bit Too Big For The Bouncer

I don't think it's supposed to bend that far...

Monday, October 20, 2014

How NOT To Take Your Own Family Portraits

Step 1: In an attempt to have a baby that's a little more alert as well as giving yourself enough time to lose a little bit of baby weight, put the photos off until mid-October when the weather is wet and freezing. 

Step 2 : Make sure to not get out the outfits until that day, then realize things need to be laundered. Then while laundering, make sure to forget to lower the lid on the washer so they sit soaking instead of getting washed, putting everything an hour later than planned. 

Step 3 : Definitely, definitely do photos on a day when your toddler randomly refuses to nap for the first time in his life. This will make it so fun to try to get him dressed in multiple layers and out the door in a timely manner.  

Step 4 : Drive a half hour to the location of your choice while the toddler whines and the newborn screams the whole way.  This will make both parents nice and agitated. 

Step 5 : Get to the location and set up only to realize your camera remote is randomly refusing to not work. And definitely don't have a back-up plan or anyone around to help.  

Step 6 : Decide to do the ridiculous but only option - use the 10 second timer and run back and forth and try to get into place in time. This results in several of these blurry shots because you were trying to be fast and didn't double check the focus point. 

Step 7 : After realizing this and a half hour has passed, and the sun is going down quickly, finally decide to shoot ones of mom and toddler separate from dad and newborn and then combine later in photoshop. 

Step 8 : Spend lots of time in photoshop combining 4 photos to get the best shot of each of us and end up with one good not awful family photo. 

Step 9 : Snap a few more random ones to have more to show for the whole ordeal. 

Monday, October 6, 2014