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Friday, September 12, 2014

See - Window Sill Driving

Harrison at 20 Months

I wanted to document Harrison one last time before this baby comes and I probably forget to ever do it again. Harrison is getting SO big and so much like a little boy instead of a baby.  He communicates really well and it's so nice knowing what he wants and needs.  There are still so many times where we don't know what he's saying or needing, but the times where he's able to tell us are so great.  He can tell us he's hungry and what food he wants. He can tell us if he wants to dance or play with a certain toy or if he just wants to snuggle with his "B"(bear).  He seems to go through phases where he won't say anything new for a few weeks then out of nowhere he's repeating things we're saying and picking up several words a day.  I tried to make a list of what he could say now, and I know I'm forgetting things but this is roughly what he can say to us right now:

-guy (what he calls any of his little action figure guys - we have a few football players from a happy meal and some storm troopers from Jesse's childhood)
-the end
-all done
-juice (he calls any drink juice)
-beep beep
-five (as in high five)
-uh oh
-oh no
-all gone
-there it is
-where'd it/he go?
-bear (He calls his bear "B")
-belly button

Harrison is roughly 28 lbs and gets taller seemingly every day. He's very tall for his age and is about 35 inches.  He is in 18-24month clothes or 2T clothes, it depends on the brand. He is in size 6 shoes and size 5 diapers. We do disposables at night because he's a heavy wetter while he sleeps. (Dreading night training him!) He is currently obsessed with his bear and blankie, cars and trains and starting to like coloring instead of eating the crayons/chalk. He is always playing with balls and running, kicking and throwing.  He love love loves being outside and wearing hats and shoes. He has started to put on our shoes and walk around the house. It is hilarious watching him try to walk in Dad's big sneakers.

He is finally getting better at eating again. He went through a few month phase of being picky about meat and veggies. He is just the past few weeks starting to eat whatever we eat again. It's SO nice not having to make him a separate dish or worry when we eat out.  He loves cheese and would eat cheese sticks all day long. He would also eat 10 bananas a day if we let him - he normally eats one every morning with breakfast.  He is a big eater - he usually eats a banana and waffles and eggs or a big bowl of oatmeal for breakfast. He will eat a sandwich and something like a mandarin orange plus a yogurt, etc for lunch. He seriously eats so much food and seems to always be hungry and asking for food.

He is still sleeping well nearly every night. He usually sleeps from 8 til 7/8 am. The past month or so he's had random screaming wake ups in the middle of the night or early morning. We aren't sure what's going on - maybe he has night terrors? It is so shocking when he wakes us up screaming at the top of his lungs. He usually goes right back down but occasionally (like last night) takes awhile to go back to sleep. I am so grateful that MOST nights we are all getting enough rest though. That will change in about a week and I am NOT ready.

He is naughty sometimes on purpose. He will get in these moods and he'll go from one thing to the next that he know's he's not supposed to do, like mess with the knobs on the oven. We have a gas range so I am OCD about checking those knobs.  When he does something bad he usually says "naughty" or "no" while he's doing it. I just know he will take FULL advantage while I am stuck on the couch nursing.  He can reach several inches in on the counters and table so I am always hyper aware of what's on there. I also have to keep almost every door closed or else he gets into mischief like throwing Dad's computer mouse around or pulling the ends off of ear buds and bending books.  I am so glad he doesn't realize how much more he could get into just because he's tall enough to do things like climb on things. Daredevil, he is not.

He LOVES reading and asks us to read books with him several times a day. He will also sit quietly and read books to himself for several minutes.  He likes to sit with us and point out body parts too - his favorite is his belly button.

First VS Second Pregnancy

I know most people don't care about my symptoms of pregnancy or anything, but I want to keep a record of what it's been like for me so far. Harrison's pregnancy was a piece of cake and I had it so easy. This time around has been harder but still nothing too bad.

1- I didn't really have cravings with Harrison, but I had food and smell aversions - I lost most of my appetite and random foods and smells would bother me.
2- I have had many food aversions this time and then I've had cravings that last a few weeks and then I don't want to see that food again ever.  I went through a bland carbs phase (like only wanting to eat chow mein noodles), a sunflower seed phase, a soft pretzel phase and now I'm in a weird smells craving phase. I seem to have (and have had for about 2 months) pregnancy PICA.  I started getting addicted to the smell of laundry/detergent and gasoline.  When the AC kicks on and I smell the laundry, I just get this insane feeling of wanting to get more and more of the smell. I'm not going to go eat laundry detergent, but I do get cravings of wanting to chew ice or clothes.  I usually have 3-4 cups of ice a day. Weird? Yes. But at least I'm not ingesting anything that's not food.

1 - I got sciatic type of hip pain with Harrison towards the end. It's so painful and sometimes it was hard to roll over in bed or get out of bed.  It went away as soon as I gave birth, thank goodness. I also had pelvic soreness during the end and for a few months afterwards - it usually was bad when I slept on my side in bed.
2 - I get the same hip/sciatic pain but this time it started really early and I've been dealing with it for most of the pregnancy.  My hips pop out of place and sometimes I need Jesse to help me roll over in bed. I also get a lot of pelvic pain and soreness when I'm sitting for any amount of time over like 10 minutes and sometimes while I'm sleeping. I am hoping these go away soon!

1 - Harrison barely moved at all. I almost never felt him and when I did, it was soft little jabs. He was a quiet one.
2 - This kids is all over all the time. He rolls and stretches and punches.  Sometimes he's moving and it is excruciating how much pain it puts me in.  I feel him always up in my ribs and just pushing everywhere. SO DIFFERENT than Harrison. I'm so scared he'll be a crazy active baby - Harrison was so mellow!

1 - I had heartburn off and on with Harrison. I remember it being bad and annoying, but I don't think it was too terrible.
2 - I have had heartburn almost non-stop this pregnancy.  I started getting it early on and have had it almost every day.  It's gotten worse as I've gotten bigger - especially when I'm doing work bending over or something. The past few weeks it hasn't been as bad but I still get days where I'm just swallowing acid. So annoying.

1 - Harrison measured perfectly to the day every time I got measured. His ultrasounds were spot on and the fundal height was always just right.  It really shouldn't have been a surprise that I had him on his due date.
2 - This kid is measuring 2.5 weeks big every week for the past few months.  I think he's just positioned differently than Harrison was - the doc doesn't think he'll really be any bigger necessarily. It helps to know that I have stayed the same weight through this whole pregnancy after the initial loss of about 10 lbs due to aversions to food. Hopefully he'll be a nice average sized baby!

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Create - Hand-Stitched Baby Blanket

With baby number 2 coming very soon (Two weeks left!), I felt like it was about time I made him a blanket of his own.  I made 2 for Harrison and I love the process of creating something by hand for my babies.  

I've seen some gorgeous hand-stitched quilts made with embroidery floss. I love how imperfect they look. Young House Love made one recently and I loved the colors she used. I decided to make one using a variety of blues and greens for the floss on top of white and navy for the fabric.  

First, I sewed the white fabric to the navy with batting in between. I wanted the fabric to be sewed together so it didn't shift while I hand-stitched.  

I randomly chose colors I liked and ended up with 19 different ones. 

I laid them out on the quilt in a randomish order and then I wrote down the numbers of the floss in order so that I could just repeat the pattern. 

The stitches are super imperfect and the lines aren't straight, but I kind of love that about it.  

I love how the colors pop against both the white and the navy.  

I used a thick embroidery needle which made threading easy.  

I would stitch a few inches at a time and then pull the needle all the way through.  

It took me about 10 minutes per row with the threading and tying off. It took me a few days of working on it in the evenings and during naps - not too bad!

After it was done, I bound it with an olive green. 

Now all we need is a baby!

Harrison is obsessed with stuffed animals and blankets right now, so he insisted on trying them out. 

Master Bedroom Repainted - Check!

Shortly after moving into our house last year, I painted the master bedroom this dark moody grey. I was hoping to create a cozy bedroom for us, but it ended up feeling too dark and not cohesive with the rest of the house.  The last big thing on my "To Do Before Baby" list was to get it painted, so yesterday I spent the whole day with a brush and roller in hand and got it done. 


After - I chose Sherwin Williams color Sea Salt. It's a gorgeous light blue/grey. It looks different depending on the light and it is so nice having a bright and airy bedroom again!

Of course, I still need to do some things to make this room not feel like a dorm/apartment. Our mattress is still on the floor and I want to make a plush headboard since we sometimes watch TV in bed.  And all the doors and trim need to be painted again - the previous owners kind of sucked at painting - they did only 1 coat of paint on everything so you can still see the color underneath. Now that the room is brighter, the crappy white trim paint job is a lot more obvious.  Maybe I'll be breaking out the paintbrush again before this baby makes his debut!

Sunday, September 7, 2014

Bathroom - As Good As it's Getting Before The Baby

These aren't great BEFORE pictures, but they were the best I could find. After tiling the bathtub surround, the walls next to it needed to be patched and painted. 

BEFORE: For over a year we had holes to patch and swatches of paint on the walls. The lower walls had been given a board and batten treatment shortly after we bought the house, but they had only gotten one coat of paint.  Everything needed to be finished more. 

Before: Ugly outdated light fixture

After: Muchhh better. 

After! I painted the upper and lower walls after patching and sanding everything.  The lower is an off the shelf white and the upper is Benjamin Moore's Palladian Blue. A gorgeous greyed-blue-green.  I updated the light fixture and the outlets. I added shelves for some storage and relocated the medicine cabinet to behind the door from the kitchen.  I added some art (sandy Harrison feet) and replaced the mirror with a framed mirror. This is as good as it's gonna get for now! It looks 1000x's better than it did before I started renovating in July. I want to tile the small sliver of wall to the left of the shelves, but I probably won't get to that for awhile.  

Create - DIY Large Chalkboard

We have this big blank wall in our kitchen that I've been dying to do something with.  For awhile it had a random mirrored medicine cabinet in the middle of the wall - so random.  While I was working on the bathroom, I relocated the medicine cabinet, so I could have room for something else.  I've wanted a big chalkboard in the kitchen somewhere so I can decorate it or use it for to-do lists.  While working on my never ending "To Do Before Baby" list, it just made sense to add this quick project to it as well.  

I picked up a piece of light, thin wood from Home Depot - no clue what kind. I was just looking in the section with pre-cut pieces of mdf and pegboard and found this. It was smooth and thin and light and I knew it would make it so the chalkboard was nice and light for hanging.  

I had a can of chalkboard paint on hand and just did 3 quick coats. It dries pretty quickly, so this only took an hour tops. 

While I was at Home Depot, I picked up 3 1x4" boards that were 6 feet long.  I used a miter saw to cut them at an angle to fit around the chalkboard with about 3/4inch of overlap on all sides (to screw the chalkboard to the frame).  I stained these Dark Walnut by Minwax and then screwed them together with corner braces. I didn't end up using wood glue because I was feeling lazy but then I later wished I had, since the frame is a bit wobbly. Since it's hung on the wall, it doesn't matter very much, but if you were leaning it against a wall or something, you would want to reinforce. 

Of course, Harrison decided this frame was the perfect track for his cars. 

I screwed the chalkboard to the frame from the back with a few screws. Make sure to pre-drill to avoid splitting.  

I added some basic hanging hardware and it was ready to go!

This is the random old medicine cabinet - useful but weirdly placed.  Ignore the horrible wallpaper border that I've neglected to pull down. I'll get to it one day... along with updating the light switches and outlets to white. 

Chalkboard! It looks smallish in this picture but it really is decently sized - roughly 3'x5'. 

Another angle before and after.  I am excited to decorate it and have some fun!